Different opportunities are available depending on the needs of your school.  Listed below are several possibilities; however, programs are not limited to those listed below.  At Searching for Flow, we are open to creatively working with your vision to ensure that the school receives the support it is seeking.

Single Workshop (1 Day)

In this model, participants will examine how they use their time in a given day and how this organization of time contributes to the Flow experience.  Participants will overview four different elements that support finding Flow with learners and will be asked to identify an area for future exploration and growth.

Multi-day Workshop (2-5 Days): 

In this model, participants will gain the same exposure as in the single day workshop but will also have the chance to explore specific elements that contribute to unleashing Flow potential in greater depth.  This deeper exploration will both analyse theoretical models, identifying key components that are specific to the school, and examine different practical applications, determining how various practices can be utilized and tweaked to increase the presence of Flow.  Participants will also have the chance to collaboratively develop and design curriculum that puts learners achieving a state of Flow at the center of the learning.  The multi-day workshops will conclude with each participant/team drafting a specific goal that can be used as a focus for future professional growth.

Personal Coaching (Timing to be determined)

In this model, participants will receive one to one support, working specifically on increasing the presence of Flow in their classrooms.  After participating in a one day workshop, participants will develop a goal that will focus their journey of reflection and growth.  Participants will then receive follow up support in the form of professional coaching as they experiment in their classrooms or with their teams.  Part of this model will include gathering evidence, presenting to peers, and receiving critical feedback.  Support is offered via different platforms (virtual or face to face) to meet the needs of the audience.