Searching for Flow courses are designed to have an immediate impact on the daily professional life of participants.  By rethinking time and how the use of time impacts our overall experience in a school, participants will be asked to consider how they can organize time with a focus on designing creative, productive, and inspiring learning environments.  How can our use of time maximize the Flow potential within a given group of people?

Participants should expect to leave the courses with practical examples that are relevant to their daily teaching experience as well as conceptual models that will have a lasting impact on how learning is designed and delivered.  Each course begins with an analysis of how time is being used and how our own personal biases influence the way in which time is structured.  Our focus will then move to examining one or more specific topics; Pedagogical Philosophy, the Power Paradigm, Structural Staples or Environmental Parameters;  discussing how each connects to managing time, enhancing a student’s overall learning experience, and finding Flow.  Courses are rooted in research based models and practices.